Welcome to the Get Pregnant Today website! Fertility information from the 5th dimensional perspective.

The Get Pregnant Today philosophy is that the body is always working to help us and provide for us. When one of our systems goes 'down' like our endocrine system, or circulatory system, or nervous system, then it is time to investigate why. Starting from the place that our bodies are all-knowing, self-healing and there for us (so not making a mistake with it's response like an auto-immune disease, or needing to manipulated and twisted to perform properly and NOT betraying us), then it allows for the investigation process to begin. If that is true, then why do we experience so many painful and heartbreaking thoughts and symptoms? 

The answers are extremely varied - as varied as the reasons that brought you in particular here. But it can generally be traced to three areas of misalignment. Our body-soul-mind alignment. Now stay with me: I have cured myself of two 'incurable' auto-immune diseases, one which was a total mystery to my doctors (from both New York and Toronto), and one that was my endocrine system. I did so by starting from the stand point that my body wasn't just miss-firing, but that there was something it knew that I didn't. In both cases it was a bacteria that was deeply imbedded into my tissues, and I used different modalities to get rid of them.

Our reproductive system is in fact "extra" in our body, meaning that we don't need it to survive. So when we have other systems that are heavily stressed, our body redirects its resources to maintain our health as much as possible and that can result in many failed pregnancy attempts. Most adults are walking around with a dozen low-level infections that are present but not acute, nor killing them. (Think foot fungus, warts, herpes, asthma, thyroid issues, arthritis, pcos, endometriosis etc.) 

At Get Pregnant Today we take a 3 levelled approach to your health - and the emotional/mind is often not addressed but is extremely important. Having unresolved trauma of any kind causes stress and redirects our resources. When we focus on the physical aspect, we help you help your own body to do self-healing through the elimination diet, herbs and heavy metals and toxin detox. Again, these remove stresses from the body so it can redirect it's resources to what it is you really are wanting, which is energy to create, gestate and birth life. And there are many other expert tips in between. And lastly the spiritual is often neglected. This is really where Get Pregnant Today shines. Joanna Foster who guides the one-on-one sessions has a developed third eye 'seeing' the underlying issues in your body, your mind/emotional map and spiritual/subconscious make-up. Within one session you will have a clearer picture of what makes you YOU and why your body is behaving the way it is.


Hi! I'm Joanna Foster. I was going through life in a pretty ordinary fashion, doing what was 'expected' of me, becoming a commercial advertising photographer but always felt something was not quite right. I always felt I was meant to do something even though I hadn't figured out what that 'it' was. As I have always been drawn to energy, I worked with many incredible healers, each with their own unique gift and ability to help me help myself peel back a layer of my conditioning and subconscious beliefs. At my core, I never believed I truly deserved what I wanted. And that was a very difficult belief to overcome. I believed I was meant to serve others over myself. Until I wanted a daughter. Even my husband did not want a third child, as our two earlier pregnancies had significant trauma, but I felt her call. After two years of learning, I conceived my daughter, and during her time in my womb,  she stayed connected to source giving me direct access blowing my spiritual gift wide open. I still continued to work with others, especially my mentor at that time Sabrina Heartsong, and after years of quietly helping women see their children and understanding their fertility blocks, I decided to launch a business in October 2019 so that more people could have access to my most beautiful gift from my daughter. And have their lives transformed too!

Quote of the Week:

"Your body is your inner physician available 24/7."



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