Fertility Boosters!

This meditation gets your body in alignment so you can get even more out of your session with me.

Enjoy this complimentary meditation so that you can immediately begin to fulfill your destiny of becoming a parent today.  Whether you are single, LGBTQ, pre-in vitro or have considered alternative methods of becoming pregnant, we understand how deeply you wish to conceive.

We will train you to learn holistically how to conceive using six different applications in our practice:

  • Nutrition

  • Kinesthetics

  • Emotional Therapy

  • Spiritual connection

  • Nature

  • Metaphysics

S'moo is great for balancing hormones. Especially good if you suffer from PCOS as the founder Karagan Osmann created this product for herself first and then made it public once she got amazing results. It's excellent!


Many people consult nutritionists while on their fertility journey, and there are a few points I would like to make on this: your best guide will be your own body. If you are feeling low energy, bloated, skin is dull or a general lack of vitality, take note of what you are eating and drinking. There are a few foods that you should especially take note of: sugar, caffeine, pork, egg, dairy, soy and corn. 

Take food in your hand or hold it in your mind's eye and ask your body if it wants that food or not.

When you go to eat food, set an intention. Ask the food to nourish your body and your fertility and anything in that food that is not for your absolute highest good, ask that your body simply and easily remove it from your system.