Fertility Tea

Try Our Fertility Tea Today For a Healthy Pregnancy in the Future.

You may not know that all the important vitamins that should be taken during pregnancy are most effective if they are already taken on a daily basis on the months leading up to conception. This is because those earliest weeks are vital to the development of areas that most benefit from folic acid and because it can be difficult to build up enough minerals and vitamins after you are pregnant if there is already a deficiency. The good news is that anyone can start taking the vitamins they would take while pregnant early no matter their age or fertility status. Many women take prenatal vitamins even though they have no intention of having a baby soon because of the various health and beauty benefits.



Our fertility tea is made of our own proven proprietary blend of ingredients that are known to support women's health, fertility, and to be completely safe for a developing fetus. We recommend 2-3 cups a day while preparing to get pregnant, then 1 cup a day during the first trimester, because we know how important detoxification and purity are for a pregnant and trying to conceive women we make it with sustainably sourced and organic ingredients. Our shakes are made with the same standards for comparable results. If you do not take our blend, ask your doctor about any supplements and extra vitamins you can add to your diet because what you put into your body matters greatly while trying to conceive, and we want you to succeed and hold your new baby as soon as your body is prepared.