Fibromyalgia And Pregnancy Risks

Do You Know About Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy Risks?

If you have fibromyalgia you already know about triggers, taking it easy after certain events, and to avoid certain foods that trigger flare-ups. But you may not have known about certain pregnancy risks associated with fibromyalgia. The first thing you should know is you can go about trying to conceive like any other person. It is just more important that you eat foods that do not cause an inflammatory response and you do your gentle doctor-recommended exercises throughout. Most women with this condition do report and increase in their pain during their pregnancy. This does not mean that your baby is in any danger.


We offer physical support for fertility for fibromyalgia patients. If you are having trouble conceiving we can help you on your journey and if you are already pregnant we can help you with relaxing meditative actions and hypnotherapy to help decrease your overall body pain. The first three months are statistically considered the worst for pregnant women when it comes to fibromyalgia flare-ups.



After the baby is delivered many women report an uptick in painful symptoms during their postpartum time because of all the hormonal and physical changes to their body. Being tired and out of balance without the time or energy for great nutrition or gentle workouts is all it takes to trigger a bad flare up for many, add all the other factors postpartum and it can add up to a lot of pain that we can help you manage. Contact Get Pregnant Today to learn more, no matter your stage on your journey to motherhood preconception, pregnant, or postpartum we can help manage your symptoms.