Getting Pregnant With IVF

How to Overcome Infertility With The Help of Modern Science and Emotional Support From Your Local Fertility Hypnotherapist and Psychic at Get Pregnant Today

If you have reached the point of receiving IVF treatments then you have already been down the path of trying to conceive and finding out that it was not happening. We know how emotionally and physically draining it can be to have trouble getting pregnant. This is why we offer help for those who are trying to conceive with IVF. We want everyone who wants to be a parent to learn how to overcome infertility and hold their little one in their arms as soon as possible. There is nothing that pleases me more than seeing those I help as parents within a year.


We offer six ways to assist and support couples trying to conceive and keep a pregnancy: Emotional Therapy, Kinesthetics such as EFT, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Nature, Spiritual and Connection. This multifaceted route is effective for the best IVF and pregnancy support.


If you decided to take all the steps possible to help your body and soul move forward after you discovered your trouble getting pregnant, then you likely are already in the IVF program. IVF is In Vitro Fertilization. It is where a doctor uses modern medicine and technology to help a sperm fertilize an egg, the to help that egg actually implant into the healthy setting of your uterus. The process includes taking hormones to help your eggs mature, a non-invasive surgical procedure where the doctor takes those eggs and mixes them with your partner's sperm, then at least one of those fertilized eggs are placed into your uterus. At this point it is a matter of waiting and hoping that the egg or eggs actually implant into the uterus. The various steps, months of preparation, and fact that it sometimes takes several rounds makes IVF an emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining situation but it does increase your chances of conception by 20-30% if you already have had trouble in the past.


We help couple's who are going through IVF prepare their bodies and souls for the process, and we help support your pregnancy. This increases your chances of IVF working. There is a reason our name is literally Get Pregnant Now, Today. We make that bold claim because what we do to support women and help them prepare for pregnancy works. Here are some tips for getting pregnant with IVF: First, follow all of your doctor's orders to the tee. Second, have nutritious building blocks to create healthy cells. Third, clear your body of toxins and heavy metals so those nutrients can reach those cells. And fourth, release your fertility sabotaging subconscious beliefs using our therapy sessions.  Once your body has embodied infertility, it is often as a result of years and sometimes lifetimes of debilitating beliefs, and not necessarily your own, but sometimes passed down from the cells you inherited from your parents, and they their parents. Schedule your appointment today, and make a potential  impact not only on your pregnancy, but your childrens' as well.