How Air Pollution Affects Pregnancy

You May Not Know How Air Pollution Affects Pregnancy, But You Should Know What You Can Do To Detoxify.

Why Does Detoxification For Fertility Matter?


If you want to know why detoxification for fertility matters you must understand all the ways a person is exposed to toxins daily. A person is exposed to toxins in their food, household supplies, and even the air indoors and outdoors. According to The American Pregnancy Association, air pollution can lead to low birth weight, premature birth, and asthma. It has also been linked to increased cases of autism. There have also been studies linking infertility in areas with high air pollution. So clearly air pollution is a major thing to avoid for anyone expecting or hoping to expect a baby.



Things you can do to avoid air pollution is first to know about it by checking the ratings in your area, second get air-purifying plants and machines, third avoid going outdoors when it is bad because it is even absorbed through your skin in addition to your lungs.



How can you detoxify during pregnancy? You can detoxify by making wise food choices to start with so you are not adding any more toxins. This means avoiding certain foods such as processed grains and kinds of pasta. Choose whole grains where you can. Make sure the meats you choose are hormone and additive-free and drink healthy teas and water that is sourced from a location and company you can trust. Ask us about detoxification during your pregnancy and while trying to conceive when you come in for your next hypo therapy session.