Miscarriage: Signs, Symptoms, Treatments And Preventions

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Miscarriage is a word that is whispered after the tragedy strikes a family. It is not brought up and often swept beneath the rug after the fact. The truth is that miscarriage is a hard topic to discuss. But it is important that women feel that they can share their pain and their fertility challenges because it occurs in one and four women and is much more common than many realize. If more women could talk freely about their own miscarriages then it could help those who feel like they are experiencing all on their own.



The best fertility advisers will recommend that a women feel free to talk about her miscarriage openly with her partner, doctors, and friends. Also remember that there is no one to blame in nearly every single miscarriage. Most are caused by a genetic issue in the baby that the body addressed early on. Even late-term miscarriages often have no clear reason. It is a very emotionally painful occurrence, and sadly it is also common.



Miscarriage: Signs, Symptoms, Treatments, and Preventions.



Signs and symptoms of a miscarriage include bleeding and pain in the abdominal area. If you have any sort of bleeding or pain in pregnancy it is vital to find out why from your doctor as soon as possible.


Treatments for a miscarriage include bed-rest and progesterone. Often if a miscarriage has truly started there is little to do to halt the process. Each case is different so do not lose hope.

Prevention for a miscarriage includes bed-rest, progesterone, aspirin, and reduced stress. The opposite of these do not cause a miscarriage but addressing some of these issues can increase your chances of carrying your baby to term.