A Fertility Prayer

- To be repeated daily for 28 days. The amount of time it takes to rewire your brain and change a subconscious belief.

My angels of light: thank you for surrounding me and all those involved in bringing me my baby. The one I feel so strongly in my heart, with such light and such love.

My ancestors thank you for your highest wisdom and help that I welcome in bringing my baby to my womb.

Myself: I’ve known you in lack. I’ve known you in pain of separation. Thank you with such love and gratitude for creating that for me so that I was able to experience that pain. I am now ready to end this way of being, this old paradigm, as it no longer serves me nor is in alignment for my highest good. I end any oath, agreement, interference, vow or frequency that keeps me in this space of not having my family now. I now step into a new space, a new paradigm where my body is activated to get pregnant with ease, and a new paradigm where I step into my light, my power, my healing and my motherhood.

My child I have made space for you and I have called you to me. The time has come.

With my love and my light. Always. Your Mother.

Visualize strongly what it will feel like to hold your baby's hand