Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The importance of our ancestors and our ancestry started coming up just over a month ago when a dear friend told me the real reason behind her many devastating miscarriages. She gave me permission to share it here, in fact, she urged me to tell others. Somewhere in her ancestral line first cousins were having babies together. This is not unusual, not at all, in fact I would think it an anomaly if someone didn't have incest in their ancestral line, but in her case, it was affecting her pregnancies now. It's known that incest can lead to infertility, and that inbreeding can exponentially expose the offspring to vulnerabilities. It's why we don't do it if we can avoid it. And from there, many other topics around our ancestors and their presence in our present started coming up for me. In this video I share some revelations and information on the topic of our beloved ANCESTORS.

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