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Lara Sarkissian is the Executive Producer of Egg Factor, the new groundbreaking 10-part docu-series that follows the extraordinary lives of men and women who choose to form families via surrogate. Joining the march for women in film, Lara's female led production team broke barriers by showing the unique perspective of discouraged couples who want nothing more than to raise a child. This film will change the game for anyone who has an opinion about surrogacy. 

Life Before Surrogacy

In The Face of Adversity, Egg Donors and Surrogates of Gifted Journeys Pull Back the Curtain on the Controversial Topic; Share Personal Stories of Hope and Empowerment

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 24, 2019) --  In honor of National Infertility Week Awareness, ALERA Enterprises Inc., announced today that CBS UK has acquired EGG FACTOR, a gripping, 10-part docu-series tracing the extraordinary lives of men and women involved in creating modern families with donated eggs. Egg Factor, which is set to debut in early 2020, will premiere in Los Angeles followed by a Q&A led by Executive Producers, Lara Sarkissian and Alen Tarassians and their female-powered team along with industry experts. In addition, featured couple Kacy Andrews and Jack Messitt (parents of Fuller House Stars Fox and Dashiell Messitt) will join the panel to discuss their unconventional and highly-controversial journey to parenthood.

In EGG FACTOR, single mothers, couples, lesbians, and gay men who struggle to conceive naturally are finally able to realize their dream of having a baby with healthy eggs from young women who are willing to go through the grueling egg retrieval process. The journeys are both eye-opening and entertaining with twists, setbacks and surprises  – but ultimately ending with a same wondrous result: A new life!

“Now, more than ever,”  says Lara Sarkissian, “Women need one another; this is the very notion that motivated us to put our life savings on the line to create an opportunity for women to empower each other in the most extraordinary way. The true experiences featured in Egg Factor not only aim to lift the secrecy and shame surrounding infertility, but to help restore the spirits of discouraged, yet determined couples as they surrender to the DNA or a womb of another's.”

“Of course,” Sarkissian adds, “I couldn't have done this alone, like the women I followed, I'm indebted to the endless support from Gifted Journeys, PFCLA, my partner Alen Tarassians and our amazing team at Alera who were instrumental in the development and production of Egg Factor.”

For millions of intended parents, creating a healthy baby comes with a difficult choice they never imagined: accepting the end of their own genetic lineage and relying on a stranger’s eggs. Egg donation is on the rise with 74% more registered donors in the last ten years. 10,000 babies are born each year using donor eggs, a number that has doubled in just a few years.



The medical treatments on Egg Factor are led by Dr. Sahakian of Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles. Dr. Sahakian has performed over 10,000 IVF procedures and is responsible for the birth of over 7,000 babies all over the world. Hundreds of same sex partners have also been helped by Dr. Sahakian in achieving their dream of building a family through egg donation and surrogacy. He, specializes in treating patients with advanced maternal age and is responsible for the oldest woman on record to have given birth at the age of 67.

Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles


Kacy Andrews- Consultant



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