Detox Mumma talks TRS.

So, you might already be using Advanced TRS. You might be curious. You might have questions. This guide should help! This is not an exhaustive manual, and there is still so much science and study taking place around Advanced TRS, but this resource should help explain more about what it is/what it is not. Advanced TRS might just be the missing puzzle piece in your quest for health.

Who, What, Why of Advanced TRS Why do you need Advanced TRS? Because our world is toxic. No matter how hard we try, exposure to environmental toxins is impossible – even here in Australia. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the products we use within the home are laden with chemicals and toxins. The water we drink can be contaminated by the water supply and within the home. The need for Advanced TRS is multi-factorial. There are so many exposures in the human life that can point to Advanced TRS being a benefit. Ask yourself: Do you suffer from any of the following? If you answered YES, then Advanced TRS can help. The above is not an exhaustive list of issues that Advanced TRS can help with, so if you have a particular question about your circumstance, feel free to contact me to discuss confidentially.

Who created Advanced TRS? Advanced TRS was created by consultant scientist and researcher, Dr Holdford, for Coseva. Dr Holdford serves as a consultant on matters of biochemistry and physics regarding projects and products requiring a high degree of technical expertise, such as Advanced TRS. Dr Holdford completed an accelerated academic program administered through the Department of Defense and throughout the course of his training, achieved five distinguished academic doctorates in the fields of Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Theology & Philosophy. Once he had completed this training within the Department of Defense, Dr Holdford spent 20 years in private practice, consulting with a variety of clients on medical issues, developing harmonized approaches to wellness that combines allopathic, alternative and nutritional therapies. What is advanced TRS? Simply, Advanced TRS is a 28ml bottle of pure water with the ingredient “clinoptilolite” immersed in pure water. You can purchase it on its own or in a pack, depending on your needs. What it actually is is far more complex, so let’s break it down a bit further and get into the science of what makes Advanced TRS the marvel and breakthrough that it is. The Zeolite – Clinoptilolite Zeolites as a structure, have a pretty extensive history and have been used throughout time to remove toxins. Zeolites are naturally formed in nature when volcanic lava meets sea water. When this happens, the process created unique “cages”  Which are very porous and three dimensional in appearance. These cages also possess a negative charge, one of the few unique structures found in nature to have this charge.  Simplified, this means that zeolite looks like honeycomb in shape and carries a charge that allows it to trap toxins and free heavy metals. When ingested, zeolites, like almost all silicates, are inert which means they can not harm the body as they do not react chemically with food or body fluids or metabolic processes.  This makes this process of ingestion very safe. In toxicology studies involving mice and rats, the administration of the zeolite clinoptilolite during a period between 6 and 12 months caused no changes that could be considered a toxic effect of treatment.

Why Lab-grown? Normally, we want to aim for natural right? And we totally oppose any modification of any kind. Here lies the exception: when you are dealing with a chelation agent, the only way you can protect against unwanted metals and toxins being contained in the cage-like structure is to manufacture the structure in a controlled laboratory environment. The purity and the ability to control the size and structure of the molecule allows Coseva to achieve a smaller size and greater saturation rate. Natural zeolites must undergo a cleansing process, which cannot achieve the purity and effectiveness of Advanced TRS. Many products on the market also claim to be “liquid zeolite” instead, they are a micro-fine powder which is mixed with water. Advanced TRS however, is clinoptilolite encased in pure water, not mixed with. This changes the game as far as where Advanced TRS can travel. Because of the unique bond to water which Advanced TRS has, where ever water travels, including across the blood-brain-barrier. Further to the laboratory control, Coseva also adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is a term that is used around the world, including in Australia, and signifies that the product has been tested for quality control. GMP also regulates the equipment used to create each product and requires that all methods of operation, which includes: cleaning, testing and manufacturing have been validated to perform their specific function. In short GMP certification mean that you are getting a safe and consistent product each time that you buy it. With ongoing GMP regulations, the same high standard is applied to the product whether you purchase today or three years later. It will always be the same product manufactured with the same high standards.

Why does nanoparticle size matter? Size does matter when it comes to ingesting clinoptilolite. Through Coseva’s proprietary processes, the zeolite molecule is an average of 0.9 nanometers; that molecule is encased in a water-cluster, and as mentioned above, this allows it to travel in the body wherever water goes. Zeolites work on a surface area principle, therefore the smaller the molecule, the more surface area the zeolite can get to work on – rendering it far more effective than rival brands. Zeolites work exactly like a sponge. If you were to fill a sponge with water, you would see little holes (akin to the zeolites cages) soak up the water when it comes in contact. Suppose you then cut the sponge in half – you now have doubled the “cages” that are available to soak up the water. If you repeat, you have four times the surface area covered and have exposed more of the sponge to the “cages” similarly in the body, Advanced TRS works the same on the cellular surface area – being such a small molecular size bound to water, the surface area within the body that it can cover offers 10 times greater efficacy in removing positively charged metals, pesticides, plastics etc.

TRS and “detox reactions” Given the cage-like structure, the temporary side effects of using Advanced TRS are actually signs that the body is entering a new state and your immune system is waking up. The state in which the body should be in is slightly alkaline, and Advance TRS assists in maintaining this state. In the early days of detox, however, this osmotic shift can cause some undesirable, temporary effects. Clinoptilolite holds a pH which is naturally alkaline. When it gets to work within the body, it starts to strip away toxins which in turn helps the body to be more alkaline because toxins are acidic at a cellular level. The unique structure of the zeolite molecule also enables it to transport good minerals like potassium, calcium, or magnesium for short periods of time until they contact a toxin, in which case it will drop the “good” minerals and cage the toxin. For these reasons, it is easy to see why zeolites will help establish a more alkaline system. This is also why zeolites assist the body in the healthy bacteria. As the human body and its systems become more alkaline, the healthy bacteria we require within the body, naturally flourish. When the unhealthy bacteria and metals are removed, this can result in headaches and flu-like symptoms – this DOES NOT mean that TRS isn’t gentle. The mechanism in which the toxins are removed does not aggravate surrounding tissue as the toxin is caged and removed, intact, through the urinary system – the cage remains unbroken until it is excreted.  Traditional chelation methods cause great destruction to the cells and remove everything in their path. This is not the case with a cage-like structure, uniquely found in the zeolite molecule. The symptoms from detox rather, are a sign the body is adjusting, becoming more alkaline and returning to its correct osmotic state. It is a sign that your immune system is working correctly and is being leveraged to work the way it was designed, not the Advanced TRS but your body coming into the correct state!

I hope this guide explains to you the differences that Advanced TRS has in comparison to other traditional detoxes and even other zeolite products on the market. Happy Detoxing, Karen

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