Eggs Under or Over Mature? How to Improve your Egg Quality Naturally.

How can you improve your egg quality naturally?

1) Know how you ovulate. If you ovulate too early or too late that says something about your eggs.

If you are ovulating on day 14, that’s texbook, and that’s Eggxcellent :). If you are ovulating later such as day 18, 19 or 20 (day 1 being the first day of your period) then that means it takes a long time for your hormones to get high enough for that egg to mature properly and then to be released. And that egg doesn’t like to be on the shelf that long and then get fertilized.

And if you are releasing your egg on say day 8,9,10 then it means your hormones are surging much to early and not giving your egg enough time to properly mature. If you don’t know when you are ovulating, then start by charting your cycle. I recommend using an ovulation test stick to test your PH and determine exactly when you are ovulating.

2) Make sure your body your has the right building blocks. So.... a good quality diet without unprocessed foods. This includes fruits and veggies and lots of water.

3) Good quality vitamins with a high quality uptake such as 80% and fatty acids are highly recommended. Because you may be on the most beautiful organic high quality diet but if your cells don’t have enough fatty acids then those nutrients can’t go in your cells, and those toxins can’t go out.

Specific vitamins to consider are: CoQu10 and Vitamin C

Both of these are good quality anti-oxidants to help remove toxins from your cells, and from your body.

Co Qu10 and Vitamin C make sure you can detox efficiently and on an ongoing basis.

4) But what about just putting less toxins in your body? No smoking, caffeine, alcohol or sugar please. And really look at removing plastics from your kitchen. That means no plastic containers in your microwave, your dishwasher, or even buying foods that are in plastic. But since you are going whole food anyway…. You won’t be buying as many processed foods. Plastics that are leaked into the food are recognized by the body as estrogen, so they mimic a hormone and can create a hormone imbalance. Even estrogen – which we love because it is so great for clear skin, can be too much and can cause you to ovulate too early or for your progesterone level to be too low in relation to your estrogen level.

5) Metal toxicity. Metal toxicity can come from smoking in the past (because you aren’t doing that now right??), dental fillings, vaccines, our water and our food. There are a lot of supplement and protocols out there to get rid of heavy metals but I personally use and recommend Advanced TRS. I can’t tell you how many women I know who have addressed this and then gotten pregnant. It really is a missing piece and a game changer. Especially if there are recurring miscarriages.

6) And lastly you are getting good blood flow and oxygen? This means nutrients are going nicely to the ovaries, and toxins are being removed. To optimize blood circulation do some low-impact exercise. Dancing for example is perfect for this.

How you know if you have low circulation is varicose veins in your upper legs, constipation, hemerroids or very heavy painful periods. Especially if the blood is dark or sticky, or you are spotting for a long time after. A good period will be red, quick and it will flow. That’s why we call it the flow….

If you aren't experiencing that, you may have blockages.

Exercises that directly open up the pelvic area for example, like hip-opening yoga exercises, which will also relieve lower back pain (and low back pain is signal that there are blockages going on), can help bring oxygen into your ovaries and your uterus, and to improve the blood circulation

Other than dancing and yoga, you can have a fertility massage (after your period and until you have ovulated, but not after ovulation), and meditate with breath work.

Directing your breath into your womb areas can help release low-level tension that you aren't even aware of, because you have been living with it for so long! By directing your slow breath to all areas of your ovaries, uterus and pelvis, you will pick-up on those tense areas and release them, allowing more oxygen to go deeper into your tissue and remove those toxins.

7) Improving your overall hormone balance is absolutely key to beautiful quality eggs. The good news is by doing the steps above: the building blocks, the detoxing and the overall oxygenation and circulation, you will help your hormones. But also reduce your stress and improve your rest. Your adrenal glands either produce stress hormones or sex hormones, and they need to be in a calm spot to produce the right sex hormones to mature that egg.

If your body doesn’t have the right building blocks, your body will feel stress because that is a form of starvation. By reducing toxins, that is also removing stress because toxins is a stress form for your body.

If you don’t have enough rest, enough sleep, then that is also stress for your body. So getting enough rest will help that.

If you struggle with hormonal balance maybe because you have used synthetic hormones in the past like fertility drugs or the pill, or had a contraceptive injection or steroids for example, then it is possible you need a detox to remove that layer to restore that hormone balance. Again, I would highly recommend Advanced TRS for that.

And the good news is is that the cycle of the egg is actually 3 months. So if you start doing this today, you are not just working on the egg quality of the egg that is about to be released, but you are also working on the eggs that are being prepared for the next month, or the month after that. So if this isn’t your month, which I really hope it is, then you know you are investing in the next two months and the months after that.