• Kojenwa Moitt

Forget About F*ck Boys

I can't tell you how many girlfriends I have met who have told me that they are in relationships with fuck boys to gratify their need for sex without compromise to their desire for entering into an intimate relationship with someone. A fuckboy; the one who doesn’t respect women, but relies on them heavily. He’s distant, doesn’t care about other people’s time, and won’t commit. He’s self-absorbed, does stupid things, and fucks with others’ emotions. The refrain is always the same. These ladies tell me they are busy, working long hours into the night, have busy social calendars and packed schedules with friends and family and have little time to tend to the emotional needs a relationship requires. Many are swiping their lives away on Tinder or Bumble looking for the next specimen, someone who can make them feel desirable for the evening and take them away from the monotony of the daily grind. Yet they complain that fuck boy hasn't returned their text or that they are annoyed by the lack of communication.

Fuck boys have high levels of testosterone and can go the distance with anyone they are interacting with. They can generally be found at bars, on social media, various dating apps or on the dance floor at a given night club sometimes even available in the corporate environs at dusk as happy hour approaches.

Still, every time I have tried to embrace the prospect, that I am ok to settle with one of these types, I find myself emotionally spent and now I know why. Sex with a partner, any partner at all, is swapping energy and if your fuck boy is in it for a quick fix, a quick way to get off, it will never replace the actual need for the warmth and connection that humans desperately seek.

"When we consider sex as a meaningless act and have multiple partners on a regular basis, our aura becomes broken. We consume the energies of the person we have become intimate with, and if you imagine that each time we do that, we have taken on parts of the other person, we become overwhelmed with those energies. Now multiply that. Can you imagine the devastation?" Hint, fuck boys do not make good partners and are seldom father material. For more on this phenomena click here

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