Getting pregnant with IVF

The likelihood of becoming pregnant declines as couples age, but the average age of women seeking fertility treatment has steadily increased over the last 20 years, reflecting the trend for couples to start families later on. For them, IVF stands as the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology and till date it has brought cheers to over 8 million parents helping them with fertilization, embryo development, and implantation. IVF is generally successful, especially for women under age 35 and those using donor eggs. For women of all ages, the odds of a live birth are about 40 percent over three cycles and with it they have a higher chance to end the stress caused by the failure to conceive.

There are tools that can increase those odds which include but are not limited to: 1) removing toxins from the body, 2) addressing hormonal imbalance, 3) healing emotional stress, 4) addressing and removing financial strain, 5) creating and maintaining a health practice, 6) enjoying sex energy, 7) and maintain a group of loving and supportive friends.

1) Removing toxins from the body is helpful because reproduction is not necessary for the body to survive. It is not essential the way breathing, your heart beating and replenishing your body’s water intake are for example. Our bodies will always prioritize the most important task first for survival. Think of an acute viral infection for example, your body will shutdown many of its functions and solely focus on fighting the infection. Once the infection is gone, your vitality will return.

Once the acute issue have been taken care of, the body will focus on the next ‘problem’ in importance for survival. So if a problem is not acute, as in it won’t kill you such as infertility won’t kill you, it is quite low on the list of your body’s priorities. This is how it is quite possible to live an entire life with low grade infections/invasions such as herpes, warts, candida, parasites etc. in the body.

What those infections/invasions DO are several things: they redirect your body’s resources, they emit toxins, they change your body’s chemistry and they deplete your body’s nutrients. So by removing them you are significantly increasing your changes of healthy ovulation, hormonal balance, proper body chemistry and fertility.

2) Addressing your hormonal balance is also essential because cortisol, the stress hormone, will decrease your progesterone, your baby making hormone. It also indicates an underlying issue such as toxin overload, or low-grade infections. You can address your hormones either by taking a hormonal supplement, a dietary supplement, or by learning to destress using techniques such as yoga or meditation. Removing the toxins and heavy metals themselves as mentioned in point 1 is also hand-in-hand with balancing your hormones. Another option is to remove the environmental stress such as relationship stress, or job stress altogether, although that stress is a result of the body not being able to manage stress. Those stressers are triggers, but not the issue itself. For example two people may be facing the same issue of stress; one may be invigorated by it and the other defeated by it. It would be an indication of what is going on on deeper, more subconscious level. It would be an indication of what emotional stress has taken place before.

3) Healing emotional or abstract stress has much the same outcome on the body as healing or addressing physical stress, as the body experiences ‘real’ stress in the exact same way it experiences perceived stress. The exact same chemical stimuli will take place in the brain. It is in this way that watching sports or visualizing sports can cause the same adrenaline rush that performing sports can, with added benefits in that you can control the outcome when it is a visualization. [1]

This leads us to discussing the conscious and the subconscious mind. We do most of our daily bodily actions without thinking about it, breathing, swallowing, beating our hearts for example. We also formulate most of our thoughts without consciously thinking about it. Impressively our subconscious mind can absorb 11 million data pieces per second, while our conscious mind only 40 to 50 pieces of data per second. A standard estimation of 95% of our brain activity is from our subconscious mind, and only 5% from our conscious mind. What this translates into when trying to reach ANY goal, such as manifesting a baby, is that it isn’t relevant what the conscious mind thinks/wants/believes, what is relevant is what the subconscious mind thinks/wants/believes. If you experienced a traumatic event as a child, and every child did because it is subjective to that child in comparison to their own life and no one else's, and you have not reframed that data in your subconscious mind, then your subconscious mind is still making thoughts and decisions based on that unprocessed trauma. This effects your hormones (because what is fear if not a chemical reaction of a hormone being released in the body, sometimes over and over and over again. Even long after the situation itself is no longer present.) By revisiting old events as an adult using very gentle but effective guided techniques, the subconscious mind can and will gather new data and make new decisions going forward.

4) Financial strain is part of most couples fertility journey. And like all stress will lead to hormonal imbalance and possibly even resentment within a relationship. Strategies of saving, reusing and getting out of the consumer cycle is the first step in a healthy financial situation. Also low-cost but effective fertility alternatives to IVF with long-term health benefits and satisfying results would be considered first.

5) Creating and maintaining a health practice has four layers: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical – and all of these layers affect the chemicals in your body. It is now more accepted by the mainstream that we are not simply a mass of cells with electrical connections, but that we do in fact have what we call ‘a soul.’ That we are all interconnected, and that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we currently have. A health practice might include healthy eating, de-stressing, body alignment, and physical support in the way of supplements. This must be done on an ongoing basis as the body does not respond to a one-off. If you want to build muscle for example, going to the gym for 30 minutes one time will not do it. You must go several times a week over a long period of time.

6) Enjoying sex energy when it comes to making a baby is crucial, especially if you are undergoing IVF. Sex energy comes in waves and is a reflection of your vitality. What is good to note about sex energy, is that if we are not desiring it, engaging in it even while having sex, or avoiding sex, it is an indicator of low energy, often because our energy is being spent somewhere else. Our ability to enjoy sex energy is a reflection of our overall health. Sex releases oxytocin: a hormone that helps with stress reduction, and helps with social bonding skills. [2] Having sex itself will increase the desire to have sex, but if you do not have the desire it is time to take pause and question why you may not. Perhaps there is underlying emotional trauma that needs to be addressed.

7) Maintaining a group of supportive friends and family helps balance our cortisol. “In fact, according to the researchers, the health risk of having few friends was similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and more dangerous than being obese or not exercising in terms of decreasing your lifespan.” [3]

Having one or two close friends is not a given, it takes effort, it takes empathy and it takes vulnerability. Sometimes allowing a person to get close means addressing something you feel might be shameful, such as ‘I don’t associate with people like that because….” It can be an act of bravery to have close friends. It is likely one of the best things you can do for your health, and your feelings of security, and support is to make bonds with those around you. Insecurity and loneliness do increase your chances of illness and even death as much as obesity, alcoholism and smoking. On an energetic level emanating feelings of not being liked, criticized, and isolation to protect yourself do not bring out the best in others you meet and will further your feelings of not being liked, criticized and being isolated. To overcome this, it starts with identifying the parts of yourself that you don’t care for, and imagining how you would feel if those qualities belonged to someone you loved very much. Allow your opinion of ‘that person’ to shift as you see the whole picture, how they became that way, and soften your criticism of them just a little bit, and instead create understanding towards yourself.

Once you get that point with yourself, you will find that others will also want to spend more time with you. At that point practice letting go of your criticism for the parts of them that you feel are shameful, as in truth those are learned thoughts that are no longer serving you. Over time you will find that your ability to be loved increases and your ability to love and care increases too. This will affect your hormones and your body’s chemical reactions and then your overall health.

What is clear is that the body responds to it’s chemical environment, and those chemicals that are either created by the body itself or by what is ingested into the body, can be altered. The most ideal step is to create an environment of optimal chemical function, so that the body can in fact heal itself, and get pregnant on it’s own, and the more steps taken listed above will make that come about more quickly. The less ideal way to get the chemical reactions desired for the body to get pregnant are through artificial means such as IVF. That is less ideal because the body may (and does more than half the time) override the artificial means of procreation and lead to continuous financial strain, infertility, and a body un-health. That said, it can work, and it does work to use artificial means of procreation. A good first step would be to start where you are, and implement one suggestion from the list above; whichever one appears to be the easiest for you and your family. Something to keep in mind is that the body does self-heal given the right environment. AND you are and have always been meant to manifest life. Trust that if you are having delays, it’s to slow you down and have you look at what is acute and in need of your immediate attention. Once that has been addressed, your body will procreate.

[1] The Importance of Visualization in Sports by Patrick Cohn

[2] “A February study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that inhaling oxytocin significantly improved the ability of people with autism to interact with others. Previous studies indicated natural oxytocin levels were lower in those with autism, a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and social relationships. Oxytocin also reduced autistic individuals' fear of others, researchers said.” 11 Interesting Effects of Oxytocin by Maureen Salamon

[3] This Study of 300,000 People Reveals the 1 Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life By Jeff Haden