Healthy Pregnancy Hormones

Updated: Jan 29

Progesterone, aka “promoter” (pro) of “gestation” (gesterone) is the top dog needed for a healthy pregnancy. It is considered to be safe to have too much progesterone which will naturally reach high levels during pregnancy, and more than likely if you are experiencing early miscarriages, difficulty with egg implantation, and even unexplained infertility, progesterone levels most likely need to be increased.

Progesterone is sensitive. It’s the most likely hormone to be affected by stress first, and it’s triggered by the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), the hormone that immediately starts to increase once you are pregnant and is the reason you see a plus sign in a pregnancy test or pee stick. Once HCG is triggered, progesterone and estrogen also start to steadily increase in healthy pregnancies. It’s in part because of progesterone that your body isn’t rejecting your baby’s foreign DNA by increasing your TH2 (responsible for your antibody cells) and decreasing your TH1 (responsible for your killer cells).

So what happens when a mother is experiencing stress? Her cortisol hormone starts to increase, and unfortunately Cortisol can suppress progesterone. That’s WHY everyone has heard the stories about a couple trying everything and then suddenly getting pregnant on a trip once they had decided to either take a break or cool it all-together on conceiving.

Some tips that are actually VERY effective in lowering cortisol are health cleanses, such as using Advanced TRS (toxin removal system), because once you remove heavy metals and toxins from your body, an immense amount of resources and therefore stress that was placed on your body to get rid of those on its own, can now be freed up to fight low-grade chronic infections, inflammation, parasites (that give off a lot of toxins), and contribute to your overall well-being.

Another method that is very helpful is to embrace yoga or another form of exercise that brings you back into your body, focusing on the moment, instead of being constantly in a tug of war between the mind and heart, the past and future.

And lastly, taking a moment each and every day to set your intentions, and slow down your breath. I like to explain it like a cramp. When we experience a cramp the quickest way to have it go away (even while running) is to slowly breathe into it, hold it, and slowly breathe out. Intentionally relaxing your muscles, your thoughts, and sitting with any images that may come up without judgment. It is a form of meditation however you are not completely passive. Like an investigator you need to find your tense spots. I always include a spot in my brain to help balance out my emotions around memories. Breathing into each chakra point can also stir up emotions, memories, visions and beliefs. If something at any time becomes too much, call in your highest self and ask for healing in that area.

The most important chakra to focus on, and often the most tender when there is difficulty with conceiving, is the sacral chakra. If you feel you have difficulty with your creativity, flexibility, pleasure and emotions, and experience bodily symptoms like constipation, urinary problems and kidney infections, back pain, gynaecological cysts, irregular menstruation, infertility or impotency, depression, fear and insecurity, jealousy, low self-esteem, isolation and detachment from society, addictive behavior, these can all be indications of that chakra being out of alignment.

Using your breath and your intention breathe into that chakra and ask for healing from your spiritual team for as many as 28 days in a row.

May everything in your life be fertile!