• Kojenwa Moitt

"I Got Inseminated In A Burger King Bathroom Just Off Route 57"

The thought of insemination crossed my mind a few times while I was single. I'm still single, but it also registered inside me that I would somehow want to know where the sample came from and whether I wanted to tell my kid one day that I had picked her dad by basting myself from a cup vaguely linked to a profile online. This is the brave story of a girl who made a decision about how to become a mom. Ah well, there's alway next time :)

Most people heading in for a late-night Whopper at the Kankakee, Illinois,Burger King would have been shocked to know that a lesbian was meeting her sperm donor inside the restaurant, but there I was outside the men's restroom,waiting for a paper cup full of semen. I would do anything for a baby of my own ― even pick up free sperm at a fast-food chain.I'd wanted a baby since I was a little girl carrying a baby doll everywhere,sure that everyone believed she was real and knowing that someday she ...

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