Learn the #1 Cause for Infertility In My Experience and What to Do About It

Hormones are chemical messengers sent out by the Endocrine System in the body, and are the captains of most of our body's major functions and play a vital role before, during and after pregnancy.

Progesterone hormone, aka “promoter” (pro) of “gestation” (gesterone) is the number one reason women come to see me.

It is considered to be safe to have too much progesterone which will naturally reach high levels during pregnancy, but if you are experiencing early miscarriages, difficulty with egg implantation, and even unexplained infertility, it is likely your progesterone levels are too o.

How do you go about elevating your progesterone? Reduce your cortisol - the Stress hormone. Progesterone is sensitive. It’s the hormone most likely to be affected first by stress. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone that immediately starts to increase once you are pregnant is the one that is measured by the pregnancy test or pee stick. Once HCG is triggered, progesterone and estrogen also start to steadily increase in healthy pregnancies. It’s in part because of progesterone that your body isn’t rejecting your baby’s foreign DNA by increasing your TH2 (responsible for your antibody cells) and decreasing your TH1 (responsible for your killer cells).But if you have levels of cortisol that are high for you, it will suppress your progesterone. Below are 5 tips to help you reduce your cortisol and increase your progesterone.

1. Try taking a Break and Don't Think About it So Much

This is 100% easier said than done. Because when you are focusing hard on a goal, as we have all been taught, we manifest. Well, not so much with pregnancy. You've heard stories about a couple that tried everything only to discover they are suddenly pregnant after an awesome trip or break from 'trying.'

2. Find ways to Reduce your Stress Level

My primary means of helping you to become pregnant is by helping you to lower the stress in your life, which is indicative of the hormone cortisol in your body. Cortisol can make it all go very wrong.

3. Eat Your Way to Pregnancy

Eat healthy foods to lower stress on your digestive system, and do a cleanse to make sure you are free of any parasites or hidden bacteria’s (auto-immune disorders) which limit your body’s ability to absorb optimal levels of nutrients and cause stress on your body unbeknownst to you.

4. Connect with Nature

Meditating, yoga and walking in nature with regularity have all had significant benefits on the body and the level of cortisol. Essential oils, massage, beautiful stones and other pleasing scents, scenes and experiences will help to calm and relax the body. Truthfully, you can do many, many things to recalibrate with nature to reduce your cortisol.

5. Get Right with Your Mindset

The part of the puzzle that is often most difficult for people is addressing the stress in their lives that they are unaware of. In other cases, people know exactly where the stress is coming from (such as a strained relationship with a parent for example) but don’t know how to overcome the negative reaction they are feeling on their own.

This is the piece of the puzzle where we often need outside help and is my specialty. Using many different techniques such as EFT, hypnosis for which I am certified, my innate psychic ability, and my intense ability to listen and observe, I help you uncover the moment in time when you flipped the stress switch on, and adeptly help you to turn it off.