Loving Yourself Into Fertility

Embracing the part of ourselves that disgusts us, creates fear in us, and wreaks havoc in our environment is not an easy ask.

But I am asking that of you NOW anyway.

I am asking you to feel the fear, and embrace your darkness anyway.

What are the steps do doing this? How does it even work – loving your parts you do not love?I would suggest that the parts of ourselves that we do not love was taught, by someone, somewhere and passed to ourselves.

Because, consider this: when we have a child, especially if we have been yearning for that child, and that child ‘makes a mistake’ – as in says ‘the wrong thing’, has a tantrum ‘at the wrong time’, hits you in the face, growls at you, screams ‘I don’t love you!’, is your love so conditional towards that child that you would separate from them? Are you done loving them?

Not even close.

You would scan the environment for something you missed: are they hungry? Are they tired? Is something bothering them? You remind them to treat you kindly and then you go above and beyond to support them. All the while loving them profoundly.

But ourselves? Our love is conditional to ourselves. If you don’t know what unconditional love feels like, then it is time to imagine. Imagine “Mother” energy loving you – all of you. As you are.

When you feed your child, soothe them to sleep or remove them from irritants, you are not saying “you must change”, you are saying “something in your surroundings must change to suit you.”

So change something in YOUR surrounding to support you. If you don’t know where to start, start by writing down your thoughts or keeping track of them in someway. Our thoughts are the key to our beliefs. Then support yourself so you can support your SELF.

Loving yourself in this way will change your fertility. It will balance your hormones. Loving yourself bravely even when you feel ashamed to do so will inform those around you. Those around you will shift in how they treat you. That is a fact.

And then imagine how you will love your child when you can love yourself so deeply. Unconditionally.

It’s time to send your darkness love. To know it is doing THE BEST it can, given it’s current environment.

And that once it’s environment has healing, it will be uplifted. You WILL be uplifted. Not shifted, not changed, but uplifted and embraced.