Do this if You're Crying at Every Baby Shower!

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to enjoy this blog from anywhere courtesy of Joie at GetPregnant.Today. In this blog post we’ll share guided meditations, podcasts and tapings of things you can do to start your journey towards becoming a parent.

Joanna 'Joie' Foster founder of GetPregnantNow.Today

Your Guided Meditations Start Now

Did you know that you can enhance your fertility by listening to guided meditations that will serve to remove the blocks you are experiencing in your day to day life? Many people are unaware of the stories they tell themselves, leading to old discs playing over and over into the subconscious about what is broken and bad. While we endorse a combination of therapies that will serve to help you to conceive, we remain adamant that mindset is partially the key in unlocking the abundance mindset of fertility and joy.

For it is with an open spirit that children come and so begins the journey.

Join us on our monthly segments for deprogramming, meditation, heart circles and smudges to refuel your mind, body and spirit with cells of life.

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