Mona Sharma Testifies for GetPregnantNow.Today!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Mona Sharma gives her testimonial (full unedited version) describing her experience with me as her energetic midwife.

Mona Sharma is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. A celebrity wellness educator, registered Holistic Nutritionist, mind/body coach, and founder and of Xicama™ an innovative line of functional food and beverage products, that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of the superfood, Jicama.

Now living in Los Angeles, and working with clients around the world, growing up, Mona spent summers living on an Ashram, learning the power of food as medicine, yoga, and meditation to heal the body. Today these are the pillars of Mona's philosophy, helping her clients achieve their goals for long term optimal health and excellence. She believes in functional nutrition as medicine, breath and movement as therapy, and meditation as mind re-conditioning, ridding the effects of learned behavior, stress, and inflammation of the body. Mona awakens the health, mindset, and lifestyle that allow her clients to thrive, achieve their goals, while developing sustainable habits with fun and ease.