Dispelling the Myth: Unblocking Your Path to Healthy Pregnancy

August 24, 2018


Ancestral beliefs around sexuality and bodily functions


I help women get pregnant. Last night I worked with a client who believed that sperm was toxic. She didn’t ‘know’ she believed this, but as I was tuning in to her energy I felt a dirty liquid full of what I would call very unhealthy sperm pouring in a downward motion through my tummy. I checked in with her Mom and felt the same energy. So I wrote to my client (I was doing a remote session) and said.


“I think you have an ancestral belief that sperm is dirty/ unclean somehow. Releasing that.”


And she wrote back:


 “Thank you and I’ll definitely work on that. I was told from someone who did a past life reading on me that I was Amish in one life and had issues with prudity so I wouldn’t be surprised if that came from there.”



And that’s true. A lot of what is coming up in this life is an accumulation of what you have been living and re-living finally ready to be released. And why release it? To allow more of who you are to be in your body and therefore the director of your life, rather than the audience member.


This client and I did some other clearing work, however I felt this was a particular issue to bring forth because this is not my first client to think there is something quite wrong with the male sperm. Both men and women. How do you know if you have a problem with male sperm? Well, look at your life. Are you married to someone with low sperm count? Did your mother have a difficult time conceiving? Are you having a difficult time conceiving…. Keeping the sperm in your body? When you sit with the idea of sperm and that in your body, do you feel love? Revulsion? Judgment? Neutral?


Working on this issue will have a very different significance for you if you are pregnant (with difficulty/miracle baby) than if you are not pregnant at all. And the clearing process will also be different. 


I am going back to healing this energy for this particular client now, and any one who reads this, accept my consciousness by your consciousness and I will clear this from you too!


Into the light,




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