How Identifying With The Ego Is Separating You From Your Fertility Goals.

August 24, 2018

“I am the awareness that is aware that I am attached to things.” Eckhart Tolle



 When you say: “This is my body.” “This body is mine.” “My body is not giving me a child.” “That mother has more children than me.” “I don’t have enough children.” “I must have children.”

What you are essentially saying is: “I AM not enough.”


When you identify with ego, you will always end where you began, in not-enoughness.


Where do you go from here?

Take a deep breath. As you let it out slowly, scan your body. Where do you feel ‘anchored in’, and what areas feel like you are watching that body area from a distance? Whatever you are seeing, whether good or bad, release it. Send it back to the light. How do you do that? Think it. Have the intention to remove whatever is in the way of you being in your body. That is enough. Feel it leave and feel the heaviness  (or lightness) of you coming more in. Now…. And this is the most important bit: reclaim your body. Place a barrier between your body and whatever energies, frequencies, unpleasant/pleasant thoughts have been stored in your body for who knows how long. Enough NOW. Goodbye.


Done with certainty this exercise only needs to be done once. It is then in-place for all-time.


Feel the intention of filling your body with your own energy, and be open and accepting of how it presents.


Will this one practice really bring you to a place of being able to conceive? Yes. Yes it does and it will if that is what you desire. However the greatest gift this xcercise will bring you is inner calm. From this place you will begin to notice if you actually want this baby, if you do but not yet, if you prefer to suffer to explore yourself in that way, or if this baby is the one wanting you.


There are many options and all of them valuable.


Being in your body is the key, rather than identifying as your body. You are your awareness and that is all.


I invite you to accept these words as a download and receive clearing and with it a deeper understanding and connection to your body.


Into the light,


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