Horrible Hormones

September 13, 2018

How you might be inadvertently keeping yourself from getting pregnant and what you can do about it.


Hormones effect every function in the body from having your heart beat faster to falling asleep to every stage of pregnancy. If pregnancies aren’t sticking, horrible hormones are a possible concern. 


With so many endocrine disruptors like stress, radiation, BPA and phtalates, as well as processed foods, it is no wonder our hormones are running amock. Hormone disruptions can decrease fertility, the most obvious being lower progesterone in women as they age.


Though a small disruption in our hormones does not likely lead to disease or infertility in the beginning, like the river running through the Grand Canyon, because it is so consistent, exposure to a small force (like the river) over a long period of time can cause great changes.



It's not like the sudden onset of a flu, horrible hormones sneaks up on you, until it is firmly blocking any hopes of having a baby easily.


A quick guide of next steps:

1. Decrease your sugar. By avoiding sugar spikes, you are also avoiding blocking your hormones. Even fresh juices can cause excess sugar, so try to eliminate your sugar from known sources. For example, let go of putting sugar in your coffee. Better yet, let go of coffee. Coffee has been known to develop smaller babies. Once your baby is born, coffee can be great!

2. Bye-bye alcohol. Alcohol is full of additives, sugar and processing. Alcohol directly effects your growth hormones and consciousness. Drinking while pregnant causes you to leave your body if only briefly, leaving your baby exposed to unwanted entities. This is not forever. You can drink again once your baby is born.

3. Check your skincare and healthcare products. I removed phthalates (scent-binders that are in 18% of cancer cells and endocrine disrupters) from all my products after my first pregnancy. I wish I had known about all this before I got pregnant! The products I found and still love (and now sell) are on my Shop and Affiliates page.

4. Add more Magnesium to your daily routine. Increase magnesium either through dark leafy greens, a supplement, or both. Magnesium facilitates the sex hormone, so load it up on both your plates!

5. Vitamin D is often overlooked and can lead to infertility when there isn't enough. Not convinced? The data shows that higher rates of Vitamin D are linked to higher rates of pregnancy. And your probably Vitamin D deficient because most of us are! Most diets contain very little Vitamin D and most of us shun the sun. *Hint: get outside and soak it up! Every single day!

6. Consider lowering dairy from your diet. This is indirectly related to pregnancy. In order for us to get the milk, the calf must be ripped away from it's mother who will also cry for days. May I suggest not ingesting milk from commercial sources? It's pumped with added extras, 'cleansed' which strips it of most of it's nutrients, and somewhere in our consciousness we know what the real cost is of this so-called 'healthy, delicious drink' really is in most people's current reality.  

7. Trans-fats can increase infertility as much as 70%. This is clear: get it out of your life for life! (**No more canola oil!)

8. Move your body. Whether it's simple stretch, dancing around the house, exercise classes or anything in-between, moving your body helps get more oxygen into every part of your body. Oxygen is the healthiest, most pure thing you can get into your body as it is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Nothing can survive in a 100% oxygen environment. Bacteria, fungi and parasites can be the cause of infertility. *Hint: a detox can help with simultaneous concerns.

9. Introduce plants that are natural air filterers. Why? To get more oxygen of course! A list of NASA air filter plants here.

10. And finally: create a daily reminder of your perfect life. Allow yourself time to get there, but remind yourself daily of the best possible outcome. It takes the same amount of energy as imagining the worst possible outcome, so why not choose the outcome you actually want?


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